My Memories

16 May

My memories

One of my favorite memories was when my class and the graduating class of 2011 went to DC.  The best part of DC was going to the white house. I am graduating this year. I have been with my class for six years. I came to this school in third grade. We have been together for a long time we are almost like a big family. At the end of each year we have a bonfire we go in the ocean and just hang out, we eat there and make smores. Also at the beginning of every year we have a party at one of my friends house. one year at the party there was a dunk take. Our class loves to have parties.

My friends are not like any other friends. My friends are funny, wired, and we always try to make every thing fun. They ask the weirdest things, and think about the most weirdest things.  One thing that that many of my friends like to do is tazer each other. One memory that i will never forget is when i fell of a golf cart. I was with my friend named Hailey. I was at her house and her brother was going to drive us to her grandmas house which was about a block away. Before he was about to start driving Hailey said to stand up and put your feet into the bars so you can dangle your legs out of the golf cart. But her brother didn’t see us or didn’t know and right when i stood up he stepped on the gas and i went flying out of the golf cart and did a flip when i fell off. I landed right on my bottom. The rest of the week i had bruises all over my arms and legs.

Another funny memory was when i went to a sushi place called Pink Godzilla. I was with Hailey and Haley. we were in a small room and the walls could slide side to side. But sense there where other people next to us that we didn’t know it was closed so we couldn’t see them. My friends and i where playing with our chopsticks and acting like we were playing the drums with them. Then my friends faces were from smiling to super serious. I didnt know what was going on. They told me to look to my right. So i did and i notice that the door that could slide side to side was open and not closed. Then right next to me was a strange guy staring right at me and said in a scary way “peek a boo” then he shut the door closed me and my friends started laughing. a few minutes later the same guy slid the door open and through a piece of salad at my face. my friends were laughing so hard.

Today is my last day of school. Tomorrow i am graduating though. I am excited to graduate but i will also miss my friends that i have made through out the year at holy cross.



11 Jan

soccer is another of my other sports i started playing at the age of 9

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16 Nov

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